Thursday, August 2, 2012

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Thursday, July 5, 2012


In order to serve you better, we have moved to a new platform to bring you the freshest and most exciting updates for all your favorite labels! Nothing much has changed, we only got better than before.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nookanooka toy customisation - 25th May 2012

The recent launch party of Nooka x Manicurious in Singapore sees plenty of invited artistes and designers participation in the live customization of the Nookanooka toy.  This is the outcome :

Elizabeth ( Singapore )

fFurious was formed in 1999;
with the desire to collaborate like-minded people in
creative design. It began with the simple belief that
only good people can there be good work, and only
with good work can a collective fFurious thrive.

Jay Lim ( Malaysia )

A design practitioner whose
history in teaching dates back to 2000, Jay Lim also
consults corporate clients about branding their businesses.
Jay Lim is a multi-disciplinary artist. He spends most
of his time at 2 places; TSUBAKI, the new media agency
and he owns CUTOUT magazine where he is the creative director.

Manicurious ( Singapore )

First ever collaboration with Nooka
which involves beautiful and creative nail art work interacting
retail and fashion to a whole new experience. Designed and
carefully crafted by the nail experts in Manicurious, the final
product of the mini NookaNooka is just simply elegantly pretty.

 Sean Lee ( Malaysia )

Sean is a Singapore-based Malaysian artist.His style and concept
for his artworks are influenced by the surroundings of
unique culture, history, current issues and experiences, His way
of presenting his art is a mixture of oriental and modern designs.

Tiong Chu Poh ( Malaysia )

Looking forward to a job well done, together with other creative
minds of different fields and skill sets to inspire our
readers/audiences, before the end of the world.

Adrian ( Singapapore )

Adrian is an interactive designer who creates
online communications and branding for a wide range of clients.
A consumate dreamer with an interest in all things design.

Alan Leong ( Singapore )

Alan Leong is an artisan with a wealth of experience
gained from various local and global clients. Alan was recognized
for his work by the industry in numerous award shows.

chin. ( Singapore )

chin. is a Fine Arts ( Painting ) Diploma graduate
from Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts. She is currently a practicing
artist and curator in Singapore. Upon graduation she has since been
performing at numerous festivals.

Chunwoei Lim ( Malaysia )

Urban-cr3atures as started out by Chunwoei,
was born out of his passion to create new designs and trends, daring
to be different. He treats creative work as his playground and tries
develop original new ideas.

Eeshaun (Singapore)

Eeshaun (b. 1980 ) is a self-thought Singapore artist and illustrator.
Since starting gardensilly in 2005, he has created artworks and
illustrations for Adidas, Nike, The Disovery Channel etc. His paintings
and drawings are experiments in abstraction, humour and improvisation.

All the customization are currently available for your viewing pleasure at 41 Beach Road, Singapore.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Fashion brand Nooka Inc., and Singapore based designer SBTG have come together to create a limited edition line of customized Nooka products. The SBTG timepiece features a modified zub zot display, with stars representing the hours and a crescent moon on the 12th hour, a SBTG/Royalefam camouflage print on the military green 38 band with a red underside, and gold logo-embossed clasp and case back. The Mercury sunglasses’ holographic lens features a camouflage print and SBTG logo that is not seen by the wearer housed in black polymer frames. To round out the collection, SBTG has also customized a mini NookaNooka vinyl toy.

SBTG was created in 2003 by Singaporean artist Mark Ong, starting his career as a hobby sneaker painter working out of his parents’ kitchen. SBTG is renowned for customizing sneakers, gaining fame after winning a customization competition on the Nike Talk Forum. 2006’s Asia-exclusive release of the Nike SBTGSB Dunk drew overnight crowds region wide and sold out within an hour of launch in every country it sold in. SBTG customs have attracted the likes of Kobe Bryant, Mike Shinoda and Joe Hahn of Linkin Park, James lavelle, and Q-Tip.

Nooka is a New York fashion design company founded by artist/designer Matthew Waldman. The ethos of Nooka is universal language, which guides the creation of products with enhanced functionality and a futuristic philosophy. Most prominently known for its line of timepieces,

View and purchase the collections at Nooka x Manicurious store located at 41 Beach Road, Singapore.  Or contact us for the authorize retailers that stocks thoese awsome limited editions!